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Hostel Facilities

The Jyoti Academy’s hostel has separate rooms for all classes. The environment at Jyoti School Campus is Ragging Free and there is a lot of camaraderie between seniors and juniors.

Transport Facility

The Transport facility at Jyoti School currently includes 7 buses and 3 small vehicles that are secured with on board cameras.


Jyoti School library‚Äôs objective is to inculcate the habit of reading; children are introduced to the library and books right from the Kindergarten level. They realize the joys of reading as well as the importance of books, in their formative years itself.


We have so many books in our library like Motivational books, Magazines, Competitive Exam book for JEE, NEET, AIIMS Exam, etc.

Computer Room

At Jyoti Academy Thanagazi the emphasis is on quality education and this tradition is reflected very clearly in our Computer Department also. Jyoti School team want to nurture creative and thinking minds that are forever exploring new realms in the computer arena.

We give Computer education like a Pro. Yes! We teach various things like Hyper Text Markup Language, Basic Knowledge of Search Engines, Use of Social Media in real life, etc.

Jyoti School’s students are experts in Excel, MS Word, PPT Designing and They are good at typing too.

Play Grounds

A Good environment can help to get a better breath and peaceful mind. That’s why We have a big Play Ground with a Enough Garden. These days with little or no play area and time as well; we have ensured that Jyoti School’s students do not miss out on it at Jyoti Campus. We have a huge play area which accommodates a Cricket, Badminton and football field.

Jyoti Academy Ground

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